244 Wellington Street East, Aurora, ON

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The concept for “Vue Optical Boutique” was conceived after 20 years experience in the optical field. After owning and operating his private Optometry practice in Barrie, Ontario for 16 years and observing and desiring a change in the service and retail experience in the industry and for his patients, Wellington opened Vue in Aurora, Ontario. His passion and appreciation for fine quality, unique products and exceptional service, led to the creation of Vue.

There is nothing that Wellington would be more unhappy about than being 'common' or put the other way Wellington is happiest when he is 'uncommon'. He holds this for his patients too and wants you to walk away with a personal, individual and 'uncommon' experience.

Come experience Vue's relaxed, friendly and unique environment and you will see how it is a reflection of Wellington himself. His quick wit, ability to analyze, blend of both logical and creative thinking and his honest, straight-forward, fashion-forward approach meet the precision that is required for the premium eye exam and the originality of the eyeglass selection process.

Don't be surprised when it is Wellington who answers the phone to book your appointments, does your eye exam and selects your frames with you - this is the Boutique-ness and personal touch that he believes in.

Dr. Wellington Bentley
Dr. Wellington Bentley